About Us

Bambini Club began in November 2020, because we understand its not always easy being a parent. Babies and toddlers are so demanding of our time and energy, especially during a global pandemic. Having to juggle work, finances, a social life, family time, even time to yourself is a full time job. Speaking from experience.

We believe in making your experience as easy as possible whether you buy from our online store or you're a member, receiving monthly packs. If you have any queries or want to talk to us about our services feel free to get in contact with us via the chat, or email info@bambiniclub.co.uk

If you make a purchase, we'd really appreciate it if you could send us some pictures of your child in the clothing and we can include it in the product information as well as our social media feed, if you would like. This is just to help others who want to see how the clothes fit on a child, to help make their decision easier. 

Bambini Club Ltd 

Company Number: 12990717